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2022 Impact Report

We are dedicated to changing the world, one spent grain at a time.

Our Mission

We are committed to fighting against food waste and food security in our community by partnering with local breweries to create sustainable, all-natural, and delicious granola bars.

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Fighting Food Waste

The main ingredient in our granola bars is up-cycled spent grain from the beer brewing process. We work with over a dozen breweries in our efforts to make a small dent in the global problem of food waste. To date, we have repurposed over <xxx> pounds of spent grain!

Meet Our Partners

We believe that in a world where  nutritious food often goes to waste, food insecurity should not be so prevalent. The FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia helps distribute millions of meals to the people in our region who are most in need. We partner with the FoodBank each year for their Hunger Heroes fundraiser and volunteer at their warehouse in Norfolk, VA. 

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