IPA BAR 1.png

Choose from 5 amazing flavors:

#1 - Cranberry Almond IPA


The bar that started it all...

Cranberry Almond IPA was All Good's first flavor and is still the #1 choice for many customers. 

This one is all about the mouth-watering combination of tart cranberries, savory almonds, and sweet honey.

TIPA BAR 1.png

#2 - Coconut Mango Tropical IPA


A little bite of paradise...

The Tropical IPA uses coconut oil instead of butter and was originally created for people who avoid dairy. Now it's for anyone who likes delicious snacks.

Featuring the perfect blend of dried mango, coconut oil, honey and almonds - it's time your taste buds took a vacation.


#3 - Chocolate Cherry Stout


The Dark Side ain't so bad after all...

Stouts are my favorite beer to drink, brew, and share. Who knew I'd love eating them too?

Made with cocoa powder, dried cherries, almonds and walnuts - this bar is ready to fuel your next mission

HEFE BAR 1.png

#4 - Blueberry Hefeweizen


Pronounced hee-fuh-vite-sn...

One of our most popular flavors, and my personal favorite, Blueberry Hefeweizen is an all-around winner.

Dried blueberries, sunflower seeds, almonds and gluten-free oats combine to teach you the language of good taste.



#5 - Pumpkin Spice Oktoberfest


Nothing 'basic' about this bar...

Pumpkin Spice can be a controversial flavor, but this granola bar settles the argument once and for all.

No nuts in this one - just a blend of pressed pumpkin, pepitas, flaxseed, chia & sunflower seeds. And pumpkin spice of course.